5 Best cPanel Alternatives

Best cPanel Alternatives
Hello Everyone, I wanted to take just a moment to talk to you about the price increases with cPanel that have started effective September 1st, 2019. Let’s see Best cPanel Alternatives. There are several cPanel alternatives at your disposal if you decide that due to these pricing increases that this is not for you.

Now I’m going to show you several best cPanel alternatives that out there right now. They can save you a bit of money each month. Some of these are even free and they’re really viable alternatives to the price increases of cPanel have turned into. This particular article that we are gonna walkthrough here is 5 top web hosting control panels. These are great options as an alternative to cPanel. Let’s begin with number one.

1. Plesk Panel

Plesk is relatively introduced in 2001. Plesk panel is one of the best cPanel Alternative. Plesk Panel has a feature-packed UI that is aesthetically pleasing. Plesk has a windows-looking UI which adds to its friendliness. Plesk supports both Linux and Windows Server. In terms of security, Plesk offers fail2ban, Plesk firewall and emails anti-spam out-f-the-box. Plesk offers similar primary features for VPS management compared to cPanel.

However, Plesk has out-of-the-box support for Docker, Git and more useful apps and extensions. Plesk also has higher quality and reliable add-ons compared to cPanel. Plesk provides a single login for both – end-users and server admins.

Official Plesk Website

2. Webmin

Webmin is a web-based interface for system administration. You can use it with Linux using any browser that supports tables and forms. Webmin has a couple of third-party modules that are built by that were built by different people that contributed to the actual project. You can manage the whole server and you can do mostly everything from this.

Official Webmin Website

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3. CentOS Web Panel

CWP is best cPanel Alternative currently available. CentOS Web Panel is a secure and reliable control panel to manage your web hosting servers. CentOS Web Panel is absolutely free. To install and run CentOS Web Panel you don’t need to be an expert. It has easy step-by-step installation guide that makes everything for everyone as easy. It has auto-installer that completely preps your server for web hosting and you can start hosting a website in short minutes by CentOS Web Panel.

CentOS Web Panel provides you PHP selector, Softaculos, CSF Firewall, Mod Security, anti-spam and antivirus protection, automatic backup, Server Configuration, Rebuilders, cPanel Migration tools, and other numerous features. CWP offers improved security and limits per user by preventing your customers from abusing the server resources or crashing the server.

Official CWP Website

4. VestaCP

VestaCP is open source hosting control panel. You can manage multiple websites, FTP accounts, email account, MySQL databases, DNS and more. VestaCP is great in its features and simplicity. It is user-friendly and free control panel. You can also install the SSL certificates through this open-source control panel. It is fast, it only uses the responsive user interface. It uses minimal CPU and RAM space, so you can install it on any server easily.

Official VestaCP Website

5. ZPanel

ZPanel is owned by Hostwinds. It is a simple and powerful control panel. ZPanel has similar layout compared to cPanel. You can get every feature provided by cPanel in Zpanel. We can run install ZPanel on Windows and Linux both. You can able to manage DNS and domain names, MySQL Databases, FTP Accounts, Email Boxes, and SSL Certificate in a similar way to cPanel.

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