7 Wonders of the United Kingdom in 2020

Wonders of United Kingdom

Welcome to Dhabaka.com. You must have heard about Seven Wonders of the World. Today we’re going to see 7 Wonders of the United Kingdom.

Here, my choices for the Seven Wonders of the United Kingdom.

7. Tower Bridge – The Iconic Place to Photograph

7 Wonders of the United Kingdom in 2020 - Tower Bridge
This bridge over the River Thames is living proof of new technology. This bridge built close to the Tower of London is built in such a way that it can be separated from the center at any time. Whenever a large ship passes through it, it is lifted up. The Prince of Wales inaugurated it on 30 June 1994.

6. Tower of London – House of the Crown Jewels

7 Wonders of United Kingdom in 2020 - Tower of London
The Tower of London is one of the most iconic sites in London. It has a fascinating history. The Tower of London is created by William the Conqueror. In 2012, someone stole the key of the internal lock to the Tower of London. The lock was changed immediately. Tower of London is also known as Haunted House.

5. York Minster – England’s Largest Gothic Church

7 Wonders of United Kingdom in 2020 - York Minster
The very walls of the York Minster are embossed with a long history of political turmoil in England. Built on the site of Constantine’s imperial proclamation the church has survived nearly 2,000 years of war and religious conflict making it a rich source of compelling human tales. Amidst the historical turmoil, the church has taken on a starring role in its own legend withstanding fires lighting strikes raids and beheadings. Using the latest technology from England’s historic cities you can get privileged access to the captivating stories of York and its people.

4. Big Ben and Elizabeth Tower – The Icon of London

7 Wonders of the United Kingdom in 2020 - Big Ben and Elizabeth Tower
Big Ben is the nickname for the bell of the clock at the north end of Westminster Palace in London. It is the largest four-faced bell clock in the world and the third-largest independently located clock tower. In May 2009, the 150th anniversary of this watch was celebrated.

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3. Windsor Castle – The World’s Biggest House

7 Wonders of United Kingdom in 2020 - Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle is a royal fortress in England. It is situated in place called Windsor. It is currently the largest residential fort in the world. It is used by Queen Elizabeth II for holidays. This luxurious and historical fort has a very long and deep relationship with the British and British royalty. This fort is situated on a mountainous height near the river Thames.

2. British Museum – Largest Museum of the UK

7 Wonders of United Kingdom in 2020 - British Museum
The British Museum, located in London, the capital of Britain, is considered one of the greatest human history and civilization museums in the world. Its permanent collection has more than 8 million items that have been brought from every continent and show glimpses of the culture of mankind from the beginning till today. The museum was established in 1853 with the personal collection of Hans Sloane.

1. Stonehenge – The Archaeological Wonders of the United Kingdom

7 Wonders of United Kingdom in 2020 - Stonehenge
You have to marvel at the determination of prehistoric man when you look at Stonehenge. Construction started about 3000 BC on what was originally burial grounds. Huge monoliths, weighing 25 tons, were dragged 150 miles to the site a few hundred years later. It’s not known exactly how many humungous rocks were moved to a field near Amesbury but there are 13 standing today. It’s also not known why Stonehenge was built, but many believe this great English landmark is associated with early astrology.

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