AI Replace Software Development In Few Time?

AI Replace Software Development
AI replace software development in the next few time. Most of you know that I’m just joking. There’s an article in Forbes it says Software ate the world no AI is eating software. I will link to it below so if you want to read you can read it but let me give you the short version.

Essentially they’re talking about the growth of AI and they’re saying AI is accelerated quite a bit over the last ten years and they’re saying it’s about to go into a hyper-accelerated wave if you will and they give a few reasons why all this is trying to happen.

So the number they’re saying that the computing power is much better you got AI designed chipsets. Apple talked about that and your iPhones and everybody’s doing it now. So you got much better processing power for a machine learning for the AI.

Second, you got a lot more data out there. Maybe you don’t know but for AI at work, it needs a lot of data. So somebody came up with these things called data lakes. All this data is pulled so that you can throw your AI at it and the AI can learn the more data, the better the data is segmented the better your AI will operate.

The third reason is that AI algorithms are just getting better. This is to be expected right and lastly, they said that the cost of cloud storage and networks, etc much cheaper. So a lot more can be done.

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In the article, they give a couple of examples of AI implementations as it affects software development of coding. So they talked about this tab 9 project. A bunch of nerds a couple of guys took their AI pointed it at 2 million GitHub files and now they have a plugin which you can plugin and the AI can do Co completion much more effectively they claim. So that’s cool, AI is making it easier for you to code fantastic.

They talk about another example where they use a type of deep learning where the AI analyzes text and then AI can generate SQL queries against the database without you having to write the SQL. I think that’s great. SQL can be tricky to write so I should be doing more complex data extractions like inner joins and outer joins. That was fantastic to be great.

They also mentioned another AI that translates a sketch that you provided into code. So you can build yourself a website now. Again don’t get worried about this because I can tell you right now having not having looked at it directly. I’m sure it could develop a skeleton of a website but I can tell you right away that it’s not you know it’s based on HTML, CSS, and of course JS and view web design development in terms of the front-end. The hard part is the code the hard part is to make it look good and to make it work well in terms of user experience. These are dark arts – especially UX.

So in these examples I just noticed they’re not replacing developers, they are just assisting developers in the process. But anybody article goes on I won’t get into it long before AR replace the software development, is gonna replace truckers, replace accountants, many legal jobs, many medical jobs, so long before it gets the developer AI will have to replace huge parts of the industry and as a result of that I don’t know how they’re going to do it at this point.

The entire infrastructure society will have to be modified accordingly. So I wouldn’t worry about it because there’ll be little warning signs years in advance before developers will be taken out by AI so embrace AI. It’s gonna help us with some drudgery in the coding process who wants to write boilerplate code.

I don’t remember back in the 90s just to give you an idea of what we don’t have to do anymore. Remember we were building a web app and we had to build a date picker object for the web app, there’s no jQuery, there’s none of this stuff no HTML 5. These are the HTML 3.2 days. It took two weeks to build a date picker. Now we have jQuery here, we have a html5 date picker.

So the same thing with SQL. If you have an AI that can generate better SQL quicker easily fantastic who wants to write inner joins and outer joins, I’ve sat there for like half an hour trying to write an optimized query. So that’d be kind of cool if the AI would do that. You know what I mean so there you go. Don’t worry about it. It is not a big deal. So the AI Replace Software Development? Final conclusion is No, not really. AI does not replace Software Development. Instead it will improve it.

Forbes AI Article:

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