Beirut Blast – How did the explosion happen in Lebanon’s capital and what was kept there?

Beirut Blast

In Lebanon’s capital Beirut blast, 40 people were killed and more than 4000 people were injured in the powerful blast. At the center of that explosion, there was a wear house. This warehouse had ammonium nitrate stores for the last 6 years. Which was seized in these 6 years.

What PM & President says on Beirut Blast?

Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab described it as a dangerous warehouse. This wear house was built since 2014. They have called it a catastrophic incident. He also said that responsible people will not be spared.

Lebanese President Michel Aoun has said that it cannot be accepted in any way that how 2750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate was kept unsafely there. The blast was so loud that its sound was heard even to Cyprus.

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Now know that, What is ammonium nitrate? Ammonium nitrate is an odorless chemical substance. It is used in many works. It is most commonly used in two works, as a fertilizer for farming and as an explosive in construction and mining. It is a very explosive chemical, It explodes on fire and then starts releasing dangerous gas. It content nitrogen oxide and ammonium gas. It is a highly flammable substance, so very strict rules have been made for its maintenance.

After the blast in Lebanon, it is now being investigated how the fire started in the warehouse.

Ammonium nitrate has caused many accidents before. In 2013, 15 people were killed in a blast in a fertilizer plant in the US state of Texas. In 2001, there was a blast in a chemical plant in French Tullus, in which 31 people were killed. Ammonium nitrate was also found in the bomb used in the 1985 blasts in Oklahoma, USA.

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