Plesk Panel vs cPanel

Plesk Panel vs cPanel
Hello, welcome back to Today we are going to see Plesk Panel vs cPanel. While picking between the web control panel, Plesk and cPanel are the essential competitors. Between them, they command the market for clients searching for account and server management tools.

Delivered in 1996, cPanel is the first competitor, and as such has a high number of active clients. The latest cPanel is cPanel 90. The current release of cPanel is a combination of cPanel and WHM (Web Host Manager) interfaces, where the previous is for client account the panel, and the last is for server admin.

In this article, I am going to explain to you the five parameters and just to go through that in the next few time and after that, you will be able to decide with which server control panel you need to go.

User Interface

So let’s begin with the first one, performance. Of the two web control panel, Plesk is broadly considered to have a cleaner graphical UI (GUI) and is somewhat simpler to use. The Plesk interface is more user friendly and it has highlights of the grouped list on the left-hand side. When clicked these extend to show further options.

Plesk Panel vs cPanel

The cPanel interface, be that as it may, doesn’t amass the highlights and devices as accommodatingly, and is frequently observed as being more jumbled. cPanel takes into consideration customization of the home screen to make it somewhat simpler to discover things, and the permeability of all highlights in a single spot can make it simpler to discover.

Plesk Panel vs cPanel

CLI (Comand Line Interface) is accessible for both, Users always prefer GUI.


For the most part, cPanel loads quicker than Plesk. cPanel is the web control panel that has truly centered around enhancing the performance. By concentrating on diminishing the measure of memory required, cPanel designers had the option to accelerate the page-load times inside the panel, too accomplish quicker occasions for account creation and other server management tasks.

Features & Tools

Out of the crate, Plesk and cPanel both furnish clients with similar essential highlights for consumer and server administration. Both can be utilized to arrange DNS settings, email accounts, FTP (File Transfer Protocol), and databases. Although it is conceivable to add extra applications to cPanel, Plesk accompanies support for more helpful applications and extensions directly from the case.

Plesk has support for Docker on Linux, with an index of more than 200,000 Docker pictures that can be propelled from inside the Plesk web control panel. Plesk is additionally good with Git through the Gitman extension. There are workarounds to get Docker and Git running with cPanel, yet they’re considerably more complex than with Plesk.

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Both Plesk and cPanel are highly centered around security. Both have different features. Plesk and cPanel both accompany various security devices.

cPanel security instruments include Automatic SSL authentication establishment, password protection for directories, and IP address dissents. Plesk security highlights include: fail2ban interruption avoidance, inbound and outbound email antispam and dynamic registry joining.


One significant distinction between the Plesk and cPanel web control panel is that Plesk is accessible on both Windows Server and Linux server, while cPanel is just accessible on Linux. (There is some secondary passage strategies are accessible to run cPanel on Windows server).

The Linux operating system that supports cPanel is CentOS, CloudLinux, and RedHat Enterprise Linux operating system. Plesk is accessible on 14 Linux circulations including CentOS, Ubuntu, and Debian, also being accessible on the Windows server.

Which web control panel you pick will frequently rely upon which operating system you’re running on your server. You should purchase separate Plesk licenses relying upon which Operating system you plan to run it.

Which Control Panel Will You Choose? Plesk or cPanel?

Your choice could be founded on which web control panel is accessible to your working framework, yet it will no doubt come down to which web control panel you discover simpler to utilize. While the highlights in each web panel are genuinely comparable, you’ll presumably favor the vibe and experience of utilizing one over the other.

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