Top 5 Best CDN For WordPress To Speed Up

Best CDN for WordPress

In this article, I’m going to show you the Top 5 Best CDN for WordPress. Before we go ahead and jump into the free CDN services for WordPress I suggest, let’s talk about what is a CDN?

CDN stands for a Content Delivery Network and it’s just a bunch of servers located across the globe designed to deliver your website’s files to a site’s visitor and the fastest time possible. There are three points to this. There’s a bunch of servers located across the globe and delivers your website, static files that are your images, your PDF, static libraries such as your JavaScript, CSS files, and the fastest time possible.

So why do you want to use one? Well, a new website usually has one source of origin. That’s okay if you’re starting out but if you have a bunch of visitors as your website grows and your traffic increases, the amount of time it takes to load your website will also increase and people usually don’t want to wait on time. So for a website to load so the most effective way is to go ahead and use a CDN that already has everything pre-loaded for you across all the servers. So let’s go ahead and get started on the 10 Free CDN Services For WordPress that you can use for your WordPress website and blog.

Best CDN For WordPress

1. CloudFlare

CloudFlare become number one Best CDN For WordPress. CloudFlare has become an industry-standard tool for CDN and security. Cloudflare is a content delivery network and load balancing platform. That is the first thing your visitors will pass through when they visit your website.

Now, traditionally with a website, a user types in your domain name and get connected to your hosting account, and the server sends the website files back to the user. When using Cloudflare, you’ll point your domain name servers to Cloudflare instead of your web post. And you’ll use Cloudflare’s DNS system to route the traffic to your web server.

Now, this puts your web hosting account behind a wall. A user’s browser will first pass through the Cloudflare network before Cloudflare sends a request to your web host, and then your website files get sent back to the user through Cloudflare. This has two insanely powerful advantages, security, and speed.

Now I’m sure security is pretty easy to understand in this example. Since the user’s traffic passes through Cloudflare first, Cloudflare acts as a first line of defense and scans the traffic to make sure it’s legitimate before forwarding the request to your web host. Simply put, so many websites use Cloudflare, that Cloudflare is constantly monitoring malicious IP addresses and can immediately take action across their entire network when a hacker or bot is attempting to visit any website on their platform.

Think of it kind of like a bouncer at a club. The bouncer is Cloudflare and the bouncer is part of the Cloudflare network. You can have a bunch of clubs with a bunch of bouncers that are all part of Cloudflare’s network. And if one bad guy tries to get into a club who shouldn’t be in the club, that bouncer immediately tells all the other bouncers in the Cloudflare network.

That is what Cloudflare is doing with malicious traffic, trying to get into any website on the Cloudflare network. Research shows that Cloudflare is used by over 12% of websites on the internet. So Cloudflare has an insane amount of internet traffic to analyze and use as a reference to protecting your website.

Cloudflare also brings speed benefits to your website. Cloudflare’s content delivery network can cash parts of your website files on their many servers around the world. And this means that your website can load faster regardless of where someone is geographically located.

Free CDN using CloudFlare will work on WordPress and other websites because we’re not going to use a plugin. It is an awesome way to improve your page speed, get the free SSL certificate, and protect your website from attacks. The best part is it’s free.

Cloudflare also has a WordPress plugin to manage website settings directly from the WordPress dashboard. CloudFlare will improve page speed also. CloudFlare is the most popular CDN in the world and the great thing about it it’s free. ClodFlare works a bit differently like the others.

Basically, we have to change DNS settings to point on CloudFlare, and this way it’s able to increase our security, also improves the performance and there are some other benefits like if our website goes down CloudFlare will still serve files to your users.

Best CDN for WordPress

Jetpack is developed by an organization called Automattic and Automattic is the biggest WordPress based organization on the planet. Jetpack become second Best CDN For WordPress. They make numerous things, they utilize several individuals, and it’s an enormous business. Because of that, you can get high quality and long-term support.

They put a lot of resources into Jetpack they’re not going to let it die and they’re not going to let bugs and poor quality code work their way in.

Jetpack was built to leverage the power of the servers. Leveraging the power of the servers reduces strain on your server and can save you time and money. It manages traffic and SEO, security, and backup, it encourages you to make exquisite, quick, and rich content, and it’s consistently there for you. It works in the background to block a malicious attack on your site and to discard spam.

In the Jetpack dashboard on WordPress, it shows you some stats of your WordPress site. It tells you all-time views and all-time comments. It tells you that Jetpack has blocked how many attacks on your site. It’s also blocked spam comments. That’s dramatic and saves me an enormous amount of time.

In JetPack, there is a tool to help speed up images and photos. I don’t know if you realize this but when you upload an image to WordPress, WordPress makes multiple copies of it in different sizes so that you can use them in different sizes.

With JetPack, it transfers the picture to the WordPress servers and it’s handled there. Additionally, it can even serve images from different CDN. That makes the whole process feel much faster and again makes your site run much faster.

There are some great tools for sharing. You can include a sharing button, and you can even have it automatically share your content with your social networks. If you wish you can utilize Jetpack’s Discussion and Comments section and it replaces the one incorporated with WordPress. There is a great deal to do this specifically it enables spam filtering far superior and it keeps your comments off your site so that if something happens to your site, you don’t lose your comments.

Best CDN for WordPress

At number three Best CDN For WordPress we have Optimole. Optimole is a WordPress image optimization plugin that will reduce the size of your images by up to 95%. Images make up to 50% of the average web pages weight. This can massively speed up your website. If your images are currently unoptimized, this is going to make a big difference.

In Optimole dashboard, you can find various reports on how much bandwidth you’ve saved and your average compression levels but the only thing you need is the API key.

Once optimal is connected to your domain they’ll let you know that the initial optimization is beginning. What’s happening is that optimal is optimizing every image already uploaded to your media library. Which is going to make every page on your site load faster and since it’s handled by their servers you won’t notice any lagging or downtime during this process.

You need to create an account on the Optimole site. Now let me explain why you needed to create an account in the first place. The reason why you need an optimal account is so that you can get this private API key that allows you to use their servers to handle the image compression using their servers instead of optimizing the image with your hosting. Is better for three reasons:

  1. If the plug-in used your server then every time you upload an image you’d have to sit and wait for it to be optimized. That would slow down your blogging workflow.
  2. Second, your site can slow down for visitors while running a very intensive operation like image compression, especially when doing a bulk optimization.
  3. Third, Optimole doesn’t modify the images on your site. So you have all the originals preserved. When someone visits your site the images that show up are coming from optimal servers which load super fast thanks to their service performance optimization.

Also, the other nice thing about this setup is that you can reuse the same API key on as many sites as you want. Now that the initial optimization is done, you’re finished with the plug-in setup

Best CDN for WordPress

At number four Best CDN For WordPress we have BunnyCDN. BunnyCDN has a 14 day trial period. So it’s super easy to get started with CDN and see if it works for you or not. It is very affordable. One thing that it doesn’t have like DDoS protection or any that stuff that CloudFlare comes with. So this is a bit of only a CDN solution but the prices are really really affordable.

It starts from one dollar a month so you need to spend that one dollar at least and then it has the prices for different regions.

To setup BunnyCDN in WordPress, there is a plugin from BunnyCDN that you can just install, and then it will work.

Best CDN for WordPress

At number five Best CDN For WordPress we have StackPath. StackPath is almost similar to CloudFlare but it is paid. StackPath is a content delivery network and load balancing platform. Same as ClodFlare when you are using StackPath, you’ll point your domain name servers to StackPath instead of your web post. And you’ll use StackPath’s DNS system to route the traffic to your web server.

It has almost the same features as ClodFlare. In the term of support and API documentation, StackPath is one step ahead compared to CloudFlare. StackPath has 24/7/365 supports and a fully documented API. Additionally, StackPath supports LiveVideo streaming which is not provided by CloudFlare.


At last, it merits referencing that many cloud specialists offer liberal free trial credits to evaluate their services, including their CDNs. The most popular two options are:

  1. AWS (Amazon Web Services): With AWS you get 50 GB of free usage of Amazon CloudFront CDN for 12 months. This CDN is the same CDN which is used by the Optimole.
  2. Google Cloud Platform: On Google Cloud Platform, you will get $300 free credits to spend on products for the first 12 months. You can also use this credit on Google’s Cloud CDN. On the off chance that your site isn’t excessively high-traffic, you could make this credit stretch for the whole a year.

These services are somewhat more specialized, however, so they truly just make a decent alternative for developers or other specialized clients.

Conclusion: Which one is the Best CDN For WordPress ?

The best CDN for WordPress relies upon what content you need to serve through your CDN.

If you have a picture weighty site and are essentially hoping to serve picture records through your CDN, you’ll need to look at Optimole. Additionally, Optimole offering a ground-breaking and premium CDN from Amazon CloudFront for free, Optimole can likewise upgrade your pictures in various manners like pressure and versatile picture sizes.

Then again, in case you’re searching for a free CDN service to deal with the entirety of your static documents, including CSS and JavaScript records, at that point, CloudFlare is your smartest option. In addition to the fact that it has an enormous worldwide system, however, it likewise packs in huge amounts of other advantageous execution and security-boosting highlights.

If you view it as too confused to even think about changing your nameservers to highlight Cloudflare, Jetpack Site Accelerator offers a more straightforward approach to begin utilizing an exhaustive CDN. Yet, I think setting aside the effort to set up Cloudflare is as yet your best course as Cloudflare has a bigger worldwide system and is more adaptable.

So that’s all guys from my side. If you will look, if you need some kind of help, you can contact us. If you like this article please comment and share and if you have some suggestions, we will love to hear the feedback. So just subscribe. You get the latest updates regarding our latest article.

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