What becomes cheaper and costlier in budget 2022-23

What becomes cheaper and costlier in budget 2022-23

The Budget Speech for 2022–23 contains a slew of modifications to customs duty on a variety of commodities. To stimulate domestic manufacture, the government recommended raising the basic customs duty on imports of regularly used items such as headphones as well as earphones, loudspeakers, smart meters, fake jewelry, solar cells, and solar modules on Tuesday. However, as a result of the reduction in customs taxes, imported sliced but also polished diamonds, frozen mussels, frozen cuttlefish, star anise, cocoa beans, methyl alcohol, and acetone will become cheaper.

Import duties on cashew nuts have indeed been lowered from 30% to 2.5 cents, making them more affordable. The duty on the reef has been cut from 30% to zero. Bovine sperm has been lowered from 30% to 5%, pistachios have been cut from 30% to 10%, and soft dates have been reduced from 30% to 20%. Imported fruits have also become less expensive. Fresh oranges, lemons, and limes are down from 40% to 30%, fresh grapes are down from 35% to 30%, fresh pears, and fresh quinces are down from 35% to 30%.

In terms of spices, pepper has been reduced from 70% to 30%, while cloves have been cut from 70% to 35%.

Customs charges on sweet biscuits, waffles, and wafers have been reduced from 45 percent to 30 percent, and customs duties on the dog or cat food for retail sales have been reduced to 20-30 percent. Presenting the list of everything that could be friendly to your pockets and hostile to your pockets, from umbrellas to unblended fuel to garments.

  • Petrol and diesel that haven’t been combined
  • Umbrella
  • Sound system (single/multiple)
  • Earphones and headphones are two types of modules for solar power.
  • X-Ray Equipment
  • Electronic Toy Components
  • Imitation Jewelry
  • Smart Meters
  • Solar Panels
  • Clothing
  • Squids that have been frozen
  • Asafoetida
  • Methyl alcohol from cocoa beans
  • Diamonds that have been cut and polished
  • Chemicals are required for the production of petroleum products.
  • For cellular phones, there is a camera lens.
  • Scrap Steel
According to the Finance Minister, customs reforms have played a critical role in increasing household capacity by leveling the playing field for our SMEs, trying to ease raw material shortfalls, improving economic competitiveness, and enabling certain policy initiatives such as PLIs and mildly perturbed manufacturing plans.

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