What is domain name privacy? We need it?

what is domain name privacy

Did you know that if you have a website anyone can look up your phone number and street address? Scary…? Well in this blog, I’m going to tell you how to protect yourself from stalkers and scammers. I’m going to talk about domain name privacy, what is it do and is it worth purchasing with your domain?

What is Domain Name Privacy?

All domains have contact information associated with them and that’s stored in the whois database. With this public information out there usually, what happens you get some junk mail to the registered mail address, you get some spam emails to this email address. So this is more annoying than anything. You can save yourself with domain name privacy and remove that information and display proxy information. So basically domain name privacy protects information for being public.

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Do you really need private domain registration?

So is it just business decision if all your information is public already and you don’t really mind getting some spam email and laters in the mail address. Maybe it’s not a big deal.

How much it cost?

Domain privacy cost around $10 to $20 per year normally.

Benefits of Domain Name Privacy

  • Protect Competitors from Finding Your Info
  • Protection from Spam and Junk Emails
  • Get rid of Unwanted Phone Calls
  • preventing yourself from Identity Theft
  • Get rid of Illegal Commercial Emailing
  • Personal Information Protection

That’s the basics of domain name privacy and what is dose. Hopefully, that allows you to make a decision and whether or not it’s worthy or not.

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