Will AI Take Our Jobs?

Will AI Take Our Jobs
Will AI Take Our Jobs ? What Artificial Intelligence means is? Accumulation of information, analyzing it, and projecting it the way you want at a given moment.

It will no more be considered as a valuable thing in human faculty. Many of you will be out of your vocation unless you do something that a machine cannot do. You should have the option to accomplish something past your astuteness. A person has numerous layers of insight. Intellect is just a little piece of it.

AI revolution is well underway and there are already pretty good guidelines on how to handle AI. So it doesn’t kill us like Skynet and it’s happening right now that AI and machine learning and robots are taking more and more jobs. Some of those technologies are not completely ready yet like self-driving cars but they are very close.

So it’s gonna be a huge shift when AI replaces a lot of those boring jobs. So jobs like working the cash register, this could be done by a machine and I think that a lot of people working in these jobs. They kind of know that they’re doing something with not a lot of value. So they might go and do some other things.

So obviously AI can take all the boring jobs like cash registers, and driving and Ubers. Uber is already working on AI-driven cars.

Let’s look at another important job doctors and while AI or robots won’t replace doctors. They are already well underway to replace doctors in analyzing x-rays for many different diseases because of their accuracy and the fact that they were fed a huge amount of already analyzed data. It’s way better than humans and also robot arms are performing some parts of the operations and there will be nanorobots that you inject into your bloodstream and they’re gonna fix you up from the inside.

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So some of that is already happening but I think that especially in medicine it’s not gonna be like a takeover of robots over human doctors. Because that human touch that human connection is also very necessary in the process of getting well but AI and robots will supplement their work in a very big way.

What about user experience?

So I wanted to divide it into the main two parts of user experience. One is research and the other is the design and those two parts have various elements in them or various techniques that people are using and some of those techniques can probably be replaced at some point by robots or artificial intelligence.

But just as with doctors I think that a huge part of user research is having that personal connection empathy and well being in the same room well maybe not right now but you know in general robots and AI won’t replace any part of their research. That requires that human connection to work. So they won’t facilitate workshops, they won’t conduct interviews and they won’t do one-on-one studies and things like that’s still reserved for humans and I think it’s gonna stay that way.

Of course, there are parts of the UX process that can be replaced and one of those parts is quantitative analysis. Because analyzing large chunks of data is something that the machines are already better at than us and of course it requires teaching them how to do that. But it’s gonna save a huge amount of time to focus on different areas of the user experience process. That part can be handed over to the machines almost completely and I think that’s good.

What about qualitative research.

Well, that’s a little bit harder because obviously, we need to have that human empathy and the human understanding of another person. But at the same time, there are already algorithms in all the social media that are analyzing what we’re doing saying and posting and they can process all that information in a very precise way and targeted advertising. All that happens because of that.

I think that it’s harder for qualitative to be done by robots but it’s completely possible and some parts of it are gonna be moving to AI as well it’s gonna take a lot more human feedback and human teaching the machines. But at some point, it will happen for some parts of that process but looking at in a little bit closer detail for example card sorting well if we go with not like physical cards but more like a tablet based interface and we have some previous studies and we have some previous examples of similar systems. I think that AI can actually generate the cards and also process the information at the end.

Illustration and photography

Well, photography could probably be deep faked or just recreated from like a bunch of other photos but it’s still better if you have a product to make a specific photo session for the product instead of relying on something similar to stock images. And same with illustration like there are those illustration libraries where you can kind of you know put the head body legs and hands and whatever together and it creates those characters that you can use and of course AI you would be able to use libraries like that to build things.

But it’s still going to be using pre-made elements. I still think that for products that have this dedication to quality and they want to be their own thing and they want to have their unique look and feel I think it’s still better to have a human do it and it’s going to be done specifically for that project instead of being a collection like a frankenstein monster of different parts connected by a machine.

In general, I think that AI will take over some of the boring menial tasks in many jobs and especially in user experience the things that take a lot of time but really can be automated. I think they will and it’s going to leave us with a lot more time in the process to come up with much better solutions.

So we can innovate a lot better. We can come up with things that we didn’t have the time in the process before. We can do much better interactions or we can even work on the UI a little bit more because a lot of those initial parts could be done for us in just seconds and also I think it’s going to solve a little bit of that honesty problem. After all, when the customer knows that some of those parts can be done by a machine he’s not going to pay for weeks of work to create some wi-fi wireframes anymore. That’s it.

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What do you think about AI will it take your job or is your job that essential that it’s gonna stay in the human hands forever. I’m excited about the future. Anyway thanks for reading.

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