Harmony OS : Alternative of Android OS

Harmony OS

Hello friends, today we are going to discuss Huawei’s new operating system.

Huawei’s developer conference was held in China from August 8 to August 11. On the first day, Huawei announced its operating system. This operating system of Huawei is named Harmony OS. In China, it will be known as Hongmeng OS.

This Harmony OS will run on every device. Harmony OS is built to create Huawei’s ecosystem. This OS will run on any laptop, Smartphone, TV, IoT Devices and many more other devices. Huawei CEO said that this OS will not come in the smartphone yet. Right now Huawei’s phones will run on Android only.

If Huawei had a problem with Android in the future, in just 2 days, Huawei can update Harmony OS in all its smartphones.

– Huawei

Where can we find Harmony OS now?

  • We will see Harmony OS in Honor’s TV.
  • We will see Harmony OS in all of Huawei’s IoT devices.

A few days later Harmony OS will be released as open-source. After this, anyone can use it and can also customize it. After some time, its developer preview will also be started. We can expect that it will start by the end of this year.

Huawei says that this Harmony OS is better, faster and safer than Android. Huawei also says that Harmony OS is very different than Android and iOS.

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Top things you should have to know about Harmony OS!

  • According to some reports, Huawei was working on Harmony OS since 2012. It was being made for cars, smart TVs, smartwatches, IoT devices, and other such smart devices. Due to Huawei US Ben’s problem, Huawei started developing it for smartphones too. Because of this problem, Huawei started development faster.
  • Huawei has confirmed that you cannot access Root in Harmony OS, which you can do in Android. Because of this, chances of security problem in the future are very low.
  • Harmony OS is a microkernel base, so there is no need to code much like Linux. It only requires a little code. And it can easily work on multiple devices as well.
  • Huawei will first try to spread its Harmony OS in China only. Later he spread Harmony OS to other countries.
  • Harmony OS is not yet compatible with Android App. But to support the Android app, a small change will be required in those apps. Which they are checking now.
  • Huawei is also building its own app store, which known as “Huawei App Gallery”. Huawei has also told many developers to publish their apps on their stores.

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